Box Macabre Takes Shape!

AUSTIN, Texas — Perfect Dork Studios announces the start of its company-wide, Biggest Loser style contest. For the duration of Box Macabre’s development, the guys at PDS will compete with each other to see who can get in the best of shape.

The rules are simple. Success is based on how much body fat is lost over the course of nine months, and contestants are able to use any non-surgical methods available. The competition ends in Spring 2010, just in time for GDC, and the winner receives a cash prize of $1000. “I think the hard work it takes to improve your health and image is analogous to the hard work it takes to succeed in development,” PDS president Billy Garretsen says. “We want to show how a small company can come up with creative ways to motivate its team members, and to equate healthy living with healthy game development.”

“I’m excited… if I had the time to do it!” lead programmer Charles Speer sarcastically adds. “I’m interested to see how it all plays out with everyone’s responsibilities.” Says composer Andy Sigler, “I’ll be running… that’s all I’ve got so far. If we are doing this until the game is done, then I’ll have run a 5-miler and a 10K between now and then.”

“Hopefully we will look as good as our game does,” says Garretsen.

Box Macabre utilizes the TorqueX 3D Engine from GarageGames. For more information on Box Macabre, visit

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