Box Macabre at Austin GDC 2009


AUSTIN, Texas — Perfect Dork Studios displayed a new demo of Box Macabre in the GarageGames booth at this year’s Austin GDC. The conference provided an opportunity for the team to fine tune their work before the demo is submitted to the IGF and the Indie Game Challenge later this month, sponsored by GameStop and the Guildhall at SMU.

President Billy Garretsen said, “Everyone wants to win, but right now it’s more important to us to build buzz, gain legitimacy, and get people interested. This demo is important to us because it will be the first time the game is released outside of our small development circle.”


The demo contained work from some of the newest members of the Box Macabre team, including Jeff Arthur and Spencer Neal. In addition, the team was able to network with other promising new talent. “This is our final demo,” said Garretsen. “From here on out, it’s all about development on the final product. The conference felt a little like the calm before the storm.”

Local NBC affiliate KXAN covered the conference, and included a story in their prime time newscast.

Box Macabre utilizes the TorqueX 3D Engine from GarageGames. For more information on Box Macabre, visit

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